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Kathy Jo Pollack
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Feel like something is missing?
Overwhelmed by finances?
Maybe it is not money...
Looking for your life partner?
Self-confidence need a boost?
Stuck & not progessing personally or professionally?
Want to move forward but don't know where to start?

Coaching may help!

I can help you get the peace of mind and contentment that comes with
a successful and balanced life.

Featured author "Life Choices: Putting the Pieces Together"
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Gift Certificates Available! "You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming, and encouraging your greatest asset." Tom Hopkins    ...    As a successful life coach & trainer, partner with me to gain the tools YOU need for success.      Contact me today.     

Welcome! As a board-certified and ICF credentialed life coach, as well as a certified confidence coach, I'm here to partner with you in achieving your goals and dreams. I'm also a professional trainer, speaker, and author with expertise in personal finance, relationships, etiquette AND overall enjoying the best possible life! I'll provide you with the essential tools that have led to my success and empower you to succeed as well!

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With all of the ups, downs and transitions in our lives, including education, careers, marriage, children, and divorce, THREE needs stand out:

  • the need to achieve and maintain financial independence;
  • the need to have and enjoy a fulfilling relationship;
  • and most of all, the need to be confident in our actions and choices.

My practice began with a passion to help people, like you and me, gain financial freedom and understand the power of credit. Having been a personal financial educator since the year 2000 and presenting more than 600 financial seminars, I became a Life Coach at the urging of one of my seminar attendees.

Later, in response to the needs of my clients, I added three specialties, relationship coaching, etiquette, and confidence. What I found was as my clients' finances became solid (and some already were), they wanted to keep moving forward and accomplish more, while feeling satisfied and fulfilled with their life. As an additional tool, I am certified to administer and interpret reports within The D I S C Personality System, too.

As your coach, I can help you on your journey...a journey which I have personally traveled and found success.

What is coaching? Coaching is a co-creative relationship that focuses on you - what is important to you and how you can achieve it. We work together, as peers, to visualize your goals and make them happen.

"I would recommend Kathy Jo Pollack as a Coach and Mentor. Her calm demeanor allows you to feel very comfortable discussing any issue with her and she's a professional in every sense of the word. She's a great communicator, very supportive, looks at obstacles as opportunities and she challenges you to think of alternative ways to resolve issues that you're dealing with."

Assistant Vice President - Work/Life Services
Grange Insurance Companies

"A coach is someone who gets you to do what you don't
want to do, so that you can be who you want to be."
   - Coach Tom Landry, Football Hall of Fame

What are Kathy Jo's clients saying?
Keynote Speaking and Seminars:

  • "Kathy Jo has written articles for our monthly newsletter, sharing her insight and joy of life with members of our organization for quite a few years. She was our keynote speaker for our 119th Annual Meeting held on 5/1/15 at the Sheraton at Station Square here in Pittsburgh. Her presentation was smart and heartfelt, and provided knowledge and information that everyone could use. She is a person that you want to keep talking and listen to more of what she has to share. A true treasure!"
    (Harold Booth, President - Pennsylvania Association of Credit Management)

  • "Working with Kathy Jo has been wonderful! She presented numerous seminars over the last 5 years through our Benefits/Ceridian relationship. Whether it s a more challenging topic such as 'Silencing the Inner Critic,' or a lighter topic, 'Happiness,' she presents in a style that is easy to listen to and is very engaging! Her style of presenting allows participants to open up during difficult topics. I can t wait for her to return to our workplace!"
    (Jennifer Rhoades, GlaxoSmithKline)

  • Kathy Jo possesses all of the traits needed to be an excellent coach and speaker including kindness, sincerity, concern and empathy. Her ability to relate to people is a special gift and a powerful asset as a public speaker. The lunch time program that she provided on financial budgeting received only positive feedback from employees in the audience. I can offer only positive recommendations for Kathy Jo s professionalism and expertise as a personal coach and financial speaker.
    (Roseann Martino, Mine Safety Appliances)

  • Kathy Jo made a lunchtime presentation to our employees during one of our monthly lunch 'n learns on the subject of budgeting and financial fitness. She has a solid grasp of this topic and presents in an energetic and passionate way. Employees were asked to provide feedback after each session and to comment on past presenters, as well. Kathy Jo was consistently named as a favorite.
    (Sharon Ricketts, Massaro Corporation)

  • Kathy Jo has designed and conducted several training courses for me over the last two years. The majority of these courses were intended to teach employees how to conduct their financial lives in a successful and responsible manner, as well as how to fix past financial problems. I have never been disappointed in one of Kathy Jo's programs and would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a life coach or trainer.
    (Will Beaumont, Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort)

Coaching Clients:

  • "Since working with Kathy Jo over just 3 or 4 months, I have been able to see where my money was going, where I was 'leaking' money. In her calm coaching and inquiries, she helped me see what moves would be better for me financially. She helped me build a budget and not forget anything, so now I do not worry about 'surprises' popping up. Most importantly, she helped me build self confidence that I can manage my finances, make good decisions, pay debt, keep my small savings intact, and increase my credit score. It has been painless, educational, very helpful and enjoyable to work with Kathy Jo. I look forward to always having her as my personal 'support team'." (Roberta P., West Virginia)

  • "I just spoke of you with a friend who complimented my new found attitude towards life . I shared that I work with a great Life Coach that fully supports me!!" (Maria, Pennsylvania)

  • "Coach KJ helped me move from 'procrastinator' to 'achiever' in a very short time." (Paul, Pennsylvania)

  • "If you want to get it done... work with Kathy Jo... Amazing results!" (Katherine, North Carolina)

  • "After working with Kathy Jo, I am finally in control of my life - my checkbook balances, my savings is growing, and now I found my special someone." (Sue, California)

  • "Thank you for helping ME make a difference in ME." (Annie, Arizona)