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Kathy Jo Pollack
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I experience coaching and start making changes in my life?

  • If you are serious about moving forward, I offer a limited number of complimentary consultations (only ten each month). Contact me now to schedule this special offering. We can then discuss how I can assist you in your wonderful journey to personal fulfillment!

Is coaching counseling or therapy?

  • No, coaching is not counseling or therapy. Counseling and therapy focus on the past and work toward healing and recovery. Coaching focuses on the present and creates the future.

Are you a financial planner?

  • No, I am a life coach whose focus is the basics - the fundamentals that are forgotten or never learned - budgeting, goal setting, prioritizing, and building good credit. I help my clients to build a strong financial foundation that will strengthen their money management skills.

    How can you plan for the future if you do not know what you spend today?

Can you help me pay my bills?

  • No, I am not a credit counselor nor do I offer a debt repayment program. I work with people who have the means to pay their bills and want to gain control of their finances, build confidence, and strengthen their financial position.

    If you are having difficulty paying your bills, I suggest you visit www.nfcc.org (The National Foundation for Credit Counseling) to locate a credit counselor near you.

What can you help me with?

  • Finances
    • Gain control & confidence in your financial life
    • Achieve your financial goals
    • Balance your budget
    • Build and maintain a good credit history
  • Life & Relationships
    • Rest & Reflect
    • Goal setting
    • Work-Life balance
    • Be the "chooser", not wait to be "chosen"
    • Clarify wants & needs
    • Develop a "relationship plan"
    • Build confidence
    • Personal & professional development
    • DISC Personality Assessment
  • Success Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Build your self confidence
    • Improve communication and influence
    • Expand network (powerbase)
    • Business etiquette

What does etiquette have to do with it?

  • Etiquette has everything to do with it! Good or bad, etiquette sets you apart whether it be in a social or business setting. Knowing the rules of etiquette is absolutely vital for each person who wishes to advance personally and professionally. How we speak to people, including our body language and social graces, is crucial to how we are perceived. If you lack self-confidence in this area, I can help! If you don't know the rules of business etiquette, I can work with you.

    Your technical skills may be top-notch, but are your manners? To quote John Rockefeller, " I will pay more for the ability to get along with people than for any other ability."

What are the ethical standards of coaching?

What services do you provide?

  • Individual coaching sessions & packages
    • Gift certificates available - call to discuss options
  • Etiquette: business, personal, and dining
  • Seminars/Workshops/Teleclasses/Professional & Keynote Speaking
    Topics Include:
    • Get on Track with Your Finances - an Overview of a Healthy Financial Plan
    • The Basics of Budgeting - Your Spending Plan
    • The Importance of Good Credit - How to Get It & Keep It
    • Healthy Finances 4 Couples
    • Identity Theft - Protect Yourself
    • Stress Less - The Basics of Stress Management
    • Relationship Success for Singles
    • Balance - The Wheel of Life
    • Business Etiquette - Your Tools for Success
    • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
    • Be the Chooser
    • Build Your Self Confidence
    • Emotional Intelligence - the Missing Piece
    • A DAY of Personal & Professional Development: One full day devoted just to you! - Fees vary.

What are your fees?

  • Individual Coaching Sessions
    • One 90-minute POWER PLUS session - $225
    • CONFIDENCE: One 90-minute POWER PLUS session with your Confidence Assessment Report - $250
    • DISC: One 90-minute POWER PLUS session with your DISC Personality Assessment Report - $275
    • One 60-minute POWER HOUR session - $150
    • One 30-minute session - $100
  • Coaching Packages (stay on track with your goals while saving money)
    • THE WORKS PLUS!: One 90-minute POWER PLUS session PLUS three 60-minute sessions OR two additional 90-minute sessions - $550 (save $125)
      • A great way to start!
    • THE WORKS: One 60-minute POWER HOUR session PLUS three 30-minute sessions - $400 (save $50)
    • Two 90-minute sessions - $400 (save $50)
    • Four 90-minute sessions - $750 BEST VALUE! (save $150)
    • Three 60-minute sessions - $400 (save $50)
    • Six 60-minute sessions - $750 BEST VALUE! (Save $150)
    • Three 30-minute sessions - $275 (save $25)
    • Six 15-minute laser sessions - $275

  • Coaching sessions are provided via phone or Zoom.
  • Schedule your session when it is convenient for you.
  • Packages include email support.
  • Ask about my refer-a-friend program; find out how you can receive an extra session at no charge!
  • Seminars/Workshops/Professional & Keynote Speaking
    • Offered at your location. Fees vary. Please contact me to discuss your needs.
  • Teleclasses & Webinars
    • Fees vary and many are free.
    • Please contact me for upcoming events.
  • What is my next step?

    • Contact me now to schedule your personal complimentary consultation. Only a limited number of consultations are scheduled each month. Keep your momemtum flowing and act quickly!
    • I encourage you to talk with me to see if we can work together to help you be your best.

    Remember: You are the master of your life!